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Application - Recognised Prior Learning

Love it. Learn it. Live it.

Application Process


All applicants that do not meet the specific entry requirements for the NCEF’s programme, as laid down by University of Limerick (UL)/ NCEF authorities must be processed through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) scheme by completing and submitting a Portfolio of Learning (POL) to the NCEF Head Office.

What is a portfolio of learning (POL)?


A Portfolio of Learning (POL) is in essence a blank Curriculum Vitae which is approximately 7 pages in total. The official NCEF/UL Portfolio of Learning Form (POL) has been tailored to include all the necessary elements relevant for your application – you simply complete the form and attach any documentation requested e.g. copies of certificates e.g. Junior Certificate, Trade Certificates, FETAC, ACE, NTC and ITEC Certificates & references.


The blank POL is available from the NCEF Head Office on request.


In the Portfolio of Learning (POL), details are to be provided with regard to the learning achieved a) in formal education and b) in any work or life experience relevant to this application.


This portfolio is an investment opportunity for you to collect and collate evidence of the level of competence that you have achieved in a structured format so that it can be presented for recognition of prior learning, skills and abilities.

Summary of application process through RPL: (Maybe please click following courses for application form?)


When applying for entry, through the RPL Scheme, onto any module within the:


  • Certificate,

  • Higher Certificate,

  • Diploma and/or

  • Bsc. Degree in Exercise and Health Fitness


you should submit:


  • A generic NCEF/UL Application Form for the specific course being applied for e.g. Fitness Instructor (Certificate in Exercise and Health Fitness), Personal Training Specialist Module, Children’s , Team Sports Fitness, Studio Cycling, Tutor Education Specialists Module– specifying in the appropriate space provided on the application if they wish to apply for the recognition of their prior learning.

  • A Portfolio of Learning Form (POL) which includes a detailed report of learning and work experience in the Health & Fitness Industry and any other area that is particularly relevant to the module being applied for (e.g. Personal Training). Please ensure that you attach any requested documentation with your POL such as written references and copies of your certificates. Applications will not be processed if the POL is incomplete.

  • A cost of €125 applies to ALL RPL (Portfolio of Learning) applicants however if successful this fee is then deducted from the cost of overall programme fees. Please submit the fee with initial application.


Please note that there is a different Portfolio of Learning for each course (module) within the pathway.

Please click one of the following links below to apply for the course that you wish:

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