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Recognition of Prior Learning Application

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Application Process


All applicants that do not meet the specific entry requirements for the NCEF’s programme, as laid down by University of Limerick (UL)/NCEF authorities must be processed through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) scheme by completing and submitting an RPL application to the NCEF Head Office.

What is an RPL application?


In an RPL application, you provide additional details regarding the learning you have achieved a) in formal education and b) in any work or life experience relevant to this application. An RPL application is an investment opportunity for you to collect and collate evidence of the level of competence that you have achieved in a structured format so that it can be presented for recognition of your prior learning, skills, and abilities.  

To submit an RPL application, please complete the following steps:- 


  1. Click the RPL application form for the relevant course below.

  2. Complete fully and submit.

  3. Email copies of any additional certificates you may have to   

  4. Include a brief CV.  

  5. We require two character/personal references. These character/personal references may be from a current employer or from sporting/charity clubs/organisations that you are a member of or work with. We will need a letter/email from each of your two references. These letters will be attached to your RPL application and be presented to the RPL Board. The letters should be character references or a personal reference which is a recommendation provided by someone who knows you well in a professional capacity and can attest to your character and abilities. Verbal references by telephone are not permitted for an RPL application. 

  6. Once all the above is received, the RPL fee of €250 must be paid to complete the application processContact the NCEF Office to request payment details for the RPL fee. Send a confirmation email to that you have made payment.

  7. Ensure you send all the requested information above in one email to We will append the above information to your application and once payment has been received, your application will be presented to the NCEF/UL RPL Board. You will be interviewed by telephone and we will arrange an appointment for this. 


Please note that there is a different RPL application form for each course (module) on the NCEF pathway.

Please click one of the following links below to apply:





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