Personal Details

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Higher Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness Year 2

Please also choose modules from list below. Adding up to 60 ECTS Credits in TOTAL:


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Educational Background

  1. Please email copies of certificates received and/or transcripts of ALL results including NCEF or similar qualifications to ncef@ul.ie .

  2. Please note originals may be requested from the RPL board at a later stage.

  3. When completing educational background details it is vital to include all exercise and health fitness related qualifications including all NCEF qualifications.

Experience of Working in the Health/Fitness Industry:

Continuing Professional Development

Please complete this section only if you have completed CPD within the areas of Exercise & Health Fitness paying particular attention to preliminary Fitness Instructor qualifications e.g. ITEC courses, FETAC/QQI Level 6 courses, workshops, etc.

Continuing Professional Development

Please complete this section only if you have completed CPD outside in the areas of physical activity, sport, etc, such as Occupational First Aid, ECDL, NON Exercise and Health Fitness related evening/weekend courses e.g. BA/BSc/MSc/B.Ed.

Work Examples and Reflections

Please select two work positions that you have held and write a brief reflection on what you have learned from working in each position. You may also wish to attach evidence of an "on the job" assessment from your employer.

References & Testimonials

Please attach two written references from an employer and or Principal of Educational Institution authenticating the evidence that you are providing in this portfolio.

Please ensure all references follow the guidelines listed below.

  1. References must be submitted on official headed paper.

  2. Include confirmation of the position of the referee within the organisation/college.

  3. Identify their relationship to you.

  4. Be from an employer and/or Principal of an Educational Institution authenticating the evidence that you have provided in your portfolio.

  5. If experience of tutoring/lecturing is noted on your POL, then we request that one reference be specific to this. 

Applicants must include a supporting statement highlighting any information you may consider pertinent to your application e.g. reasons for applying for your hosen course and this statement should not be less than 500 words and up to 1000 words in length.