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About Fitness Professionals International

Love it. Learn it. Live it.

Fitness Professionals International (FPI) is a non-profit, graduate directory established by the National Council for Exercise & Fitness (NCEF). The aim of the FPI Graduate Directory is to recognise the qualifications and expertise of NCEF students who are graduates of courses on the UL/NCEF Flexible Learning Pathway to the B.Sc. in Exercise & Health Fitness.

Fitness Professionals who are members of FPI are acknowledged for their qualifications, skills, and professionalism and membership of FPI means that a Fitness Professional has met the prescribed minimum standards of good practice including abiding by the NCEF Instructor Code of Practice. FPI members are committed to raising standards through a process of lifelong learning.

Membership of FPI can provide assurance and confidence to employers that all registered Fitness Professionals are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills to perform specific roles.

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