Tutor Education Add-On

New Blended/Online Learning Add-On Module Announced for 2020/21

Tutor Education Add-On

Who is the accrediting body?

All NCEF courses and modules are accredited by the University of Limerick (UL).

You will complete Tutor Education as a suite of modules as a Link In student only which means you will receive 30 ECTS credits to continue your education in the future, the Tutor Education suite of modules will be added to your official University of Limerick transcript of results and you will receive a Certificate of Completion from the NCEF.

*Completing the Tutor Education suite of modules is not an award*


You will be registered with the University of Limerick for the following Tutor Education modules:

SS3003 Adult Learning and Teaching Methodologies

SS3023 Best Practice in the Tuition of Exercise & Health Fitness

SS3033 Evaluation and Assessment

SS3053 Teaching Applications

What does the Tutor Education Suite of Modules Add-On cover?

The Tutor Education Add-On focuses on the teaching, learning and assessment of adult learners.

By selecting the Tutor Education add-on modules, you will qualify as an NCEF Tutor teaching students on the NCEF/UL Year 1 Certificate & Higher Certificate courses and Year 2 Specialist Modules such as Advanced Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Pilates & Corrective Exercise etc.

NCEF Tutors teach on NCEF courses nationwide & many have also secured teaching positions with Colleges of Further Education and other learning networks. You must have a desire to teach in a classroom setting, preparing students for working in the fitness industry. The modules you will study are:

  • Adult Learning and Teaching & Methodology (Presentation Methods, Questioning Skills, Communication Skills, Assessing the Needs of the Learner, Teaching Aids etc.)
  • Research Skills & Programme Development (Principles of Good Research, Statistics, Presenting Research, Writing Clear & Specific Aims, Objectives & Learning Outcomes, Organising Course Content etc.)
  • Evaluation & Assessment (Practical Assessments, Marking Criteria, UL Grading and Award System, Writing Examination Questions, Script Correction, Record Keeping, Course Co-Ordination & Leadership)
  • Applied Multimedia (Principles of Adult Learning, Learning Theories & Multimedia, Using Digital Media, Evaluating Multimedia resources, MS PowerPoint, Digital Image Location etc.)
  • Teaching Applications (Preparation & Planning for Sessions, Part & Whole Tutoring, Practical Assessments, Self-Evaluation)
  • Final Project Submission
Additional study and assignments will also be required in the following: Research Skills - Applied Multimedia

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a mix of online learning or e-learning and some contact face-to-face classes with your Tutors. Your online learning will be through the NCEF e-Hub. You will have the support and guidance of your Course Leader & Tutors who will be there for you throughout your studies via email and telephone to answer any queries or concerns and generally support you in your studies. We recommend that it is best to complete the Tutor Education module on a computer desktop as this is the way the package has been designed.

In the NCEF e-Hub, you will have access to a ‘virtual’ classroom where you, your Course Leader, Tutors and fellow students can interact and post questions, links useful resources etc. This is a connection tool to guide your studies. The idea of the classroom is that when you ask a question, your Tutor or Course Leader will answer and all the other students in the class can also see that answer and can contribute to the topic if they wish. Tutors can also set up tasks and give lecture/study notes in this virtual classroom.

Students will also be required to complete private study and assignments.

How much does it cost?

SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER The Tutor Education Suite of Modules Add On fee is €1,295 Option 1: Total Fee €1,295 Full payment of €1,295 which includes a non-refundable deposit of €595, is payable on acceptance of your place. Option 2: (2 Payments) Total Fee €1,295 Non-refundable deposit of €595 due on acceptance of your place. The balance of fees, €700, is due on or before Tuesday 15th September 2020. Please Note: Once students are registered on the Tutor Education suite of modules, all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the Tutor Education Suite of Modules Add-On?

The NCEF are now offering DEHF and B.Sc. graduates a unique opportunity to expand their portfolio of skills by adding the Tutor Education specialist modules to their skillset. And, you can complete the Tutor Education add-on module primarily ONLINE with approximately 6 contact days in the Autumn Semester and 6 contact days in the Spring Semester to attend in person in the University of Limerick! Tutor Education will qualify you as an NCEF Tutor to teach on the Year 1 Certificate & Higher Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness courses and Year 2 specialist modules such as Advanced Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning for Athletes and Teams, Pilates & Corrective Exercise etc. and on NCEF courses throughout the country.

Entry Requirements

  • Diploma in Exercise & Health Fitness (DEHF) Advanced Practitioner NFQ Level 7 AND/OR the Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Health Fitness NFQ Level 8 OR equivalent qualifications.
  • Knowledge: Broad knowledge base of the Certificate in Exercise & Health Fitness modules and Year 2 HCEHF specialist modules.
  • Attitudes and personal qualities: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and mature disposition.
  • Other desirable criteria: Teaching experience in any discipline. Practical experience of working in any of the HCEHF specialist courses.
  • An interview may be requested.
NCEF/UL Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Scheme Applicants with equivalent qualifications from other institutions or bodies are eligible to apply for entry onto the Tutor Education Add On link in suite of modules through the NCEF/UL RPL Scheme. Applicants will be assessed on an individual basis and in accordance with NCEF/UL RPL criteria. RPL applicants are required to complete an RPL application form. Please contact the NCEF Head Office by email ncef@ul.ie Please note an RPL fee of €125 applies to all applicants required to submit an RPL application and on successful acceptance, this fee is deducted from the overall fee.

Apply Now!

Applications are now open for the 2020/21 academic year!

When and where can I do this?

The Tutor Education Add-On will commence in late September 2020 and finish in May 2021. The mode of delivery is blended/online learning with tutorials/classes primarily online through the NCEF e-Hub. You will be required to attend approx. 6 contact days in the Autumn semester and approx. 6 contact days in the Spring semester in the University of Limerick. For the Autumn semester, these contact days will be scheduled on the following weeks whilst we adhere to COVID-19 restrictions:- Week 4: Commencing Monday 19th October 2020 Week 8: Commencing Monday 16th November 2020 Week 12: Commencing Monday 14th December 2020 Some classroom time will be scheduled on the weeks above. Please note, the exact days/dates and times have not yet been finalised. This will happen in mid-September and be circulated to students at that time. *Should you be unavailable to attend a scheduled class in the University of Limerick, all material covered will be available online, however you must discuss this in detail with the NCEF Head Office and the Tutor Education Course Leader PRIOR to course commencement.