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My NCEF Story - Jamie McGarry

Jamie McGarry, Student on Year 4 Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Health Fitness

“I never had an interest in any sports for most of my life. I was always underweight and not athletic which led to being bullied about my size in a secondary school full of rugby players. At 16 I decided to start martial arts, I went on and trained in MMA, kickboxing and Muay Thai. I competed under various organisations & at 17 I came second place in the All-Ireland kickboxing Nationals and received a black belt.

Although martial arts was my passion, I was still underweight and when I started lifting weights I was 48kg. Three years later I was 72kg.

The joy I felt from transforming my body made me want to inspire others and help them feel the same and this is why I decided to do the NCEF course so I could become a Health Fitness Professional and pursue a career in what I was passionate about. I'm now in Year 4 studying for my Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Health Fitness".

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