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7 Tips for Staying Active Over Christmas

Here's our top tips for staying active over the Christmas holidays. A little movement each day will go a long way!

  • Take off with the dog for a short or long walk, depending on how chaotic your house is!

  • Register for a festive 5K/10K walk/run, check your local running club Facebook page for events. Many clubs run St. Stephen's Day, New Years Day events for charity

  • Take the family to the forest for an afternoon hike or check out a mountain bike trail. The promise of a hot chocolate in a cafe afterwards will definitely make trek more appealing!

  • Stretch...Pull out a mat or rug by the Christmas tree or fire, slow down, relax and stretch those tight muscles.

  • Become a tourist for the day and stroll around some of Ireland's amazing heritage sites from castles, caves and gaols to national parks. Check to plan your day out. Remember to check the Christmas opening hours.

  • Hit the gym...this is the quietest time of the year in the gym so you may have the whole place to yourself to work up a sweat and burn off those Christmas treats!

  • Wrap up the kids, hit the playground and play! Run around, get silly and have fun!

Merry Christmas from the NCEF

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